NEFA -­ Non-Esterified Fatty Acids

Non‐esterified fatty acids (NEFA) serve as energy source, as substrate for cell membranes and as precursor for intracellular signal molecules such as e.g. prostaglandins. Diet and fluctuations of the insulin level modulate the release of non‐esterified fatty acids from adipose tissue by lipolysis. Increased NEFA blood levels are associated with pathological conditions like insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, obesity, malignant diseases and the metabolic syndrome, contributing to the development of cardiovascular diseases.


NEFA FS, a reagent for the determination of non-esterified fatty acids, is an excellent candidate for the identification of patients at high risk for the MetS, allowing an early diagnosis and intervention strategies.

Test Characteristics

  • Innovative Trinder method
  • High linearity up to 3 mmol/L
  • Minimized interferences
  • No hazardous ingredients
  • On-board stability at least 4 weeks (Hitachi 911)